Proven, Best Value in Town: 13 Reasons to Choose Jimmy Nash Homes as Your New Home Builder    

 1.  Home Builder Annual Sales

In the Central Kentucky market, the value of a home remains the primary factor in client choice of builder and new home.  Jimmy Nash Homes consistently completed $10 to $12 million in new construction each year. This volume affords the builder the purchasing power and industry edge in obtaining the preferred subcontractors and suppliers at a great value. Visit a model home to receive your copy of home builder rankings by annual sales.

2.  Excellence in Customer Service in Building New Homes

Living in a world of surveys, one would think that all builders would interview their customers to determine what they do well and where they need to improve.  Unfortunately, the building industry does not survey their customers—maybe they are not interested or care about what their customer believes about the process or product?  Jimmy Nash Homes believes that customer feedback collected half way through construction, shortly after closing, and long after closing are critical milestones to gauge the customer experience.  The information that Jimmy Nash Homes receives from that process is instrumental in the builder evaluating when and how to do things and making improvements. Jimmy Nash Homes is the Yearly Recipient of the Highest Customer Service Designation for Home Sales by a third party, Guild Quality.  Their customer satisfaction rating is greater than their peers in the industry.  In fact, 100 percent of Jimmy Nash Homes’ customers refer to them as their friends and family in building a new custom home in this price range.  Visit a model home to receive a copy of customer surveys and testimonials.

3.  Proven 21 Step Process

Jimmy Nash Homes calls it the "Journey Book."  The journey for a new home starts well before construction begins and well after the client’s move-in.  Often, when individuals build a new home, there is no roadmap.  The process is instead a rollercoaster with twists and turns on a daily basis.  Jimmy Nash Homes’ "Journey Book” details the steps that occur from pre-construction to one year after move-in.  These steps are consistent on every home built.  It sets the stage for clients to understand what happens from start to finish, including the agenda for each meeting, who will attend, and what selections need to be completed at that point in time.  Jimmy Nash Homes’ customers state that they have never seen such an organized process, even if they have built a new home before. Although simple in concept, the "Journey Book” is an important factor in reducing client anxiety about the process. Visit a model home and review the "Journey Book” and take the first step in the journey of building a new home.

4.  Online Client Dashboard Encompassing All Details of Project

Jimmy Nash Homes believes in providing the tools for every customer access to all the information and communication about their home during and after construction.  This includes daily communication; interaction with the subcontractors and suppliers; online selections; expense report; schedule; and warranty information.  All builders have the opportunity to do this, but Jimmy Nash Homes provides a culture of transparency to ensure that the home is built right and the client knows every aspect of the construction process.  The Jimmy Nash Homes Online Customer Control Desk is available 24/7 and starts before contract and continues at contract, throughout construction, and after completion.  The client can post questions and messages to the online dashboard instantaneously. Visit the "Sign-In” link at the top of each web page to see a video tour.

5.  24/7 Involvement & Accessibility

In the home building industry, the number one reason for clients dissatisfaction with their builder is lack of communication, accessibility, and documentation.  Through the online Customer Dashboard, Jimmy Nash Homes feels it is important to be available at all times, bet it 10 am or 2 am, and cater to the customers’ schedule.  The builder and team are available and accessible at all times and communicate to the client on a regular basis.  Jimmy Nash Homes is not "a pick-up truck and a cell phone."

6.  Documented & Guaranteed Pricing, The Customer Controls the Cost

One of the most important objectives in building a new home is knowing the cost of the home and what is included in that cost.  At Jimmy Nash Homes, every customer is provided with an itemized selection list detailing specifications, selections, options, and pricing.  The customer has access to this selection list 24/7 and also can make changes and comments on each item.  Jimmy Nash Homes provides this guarantee:  "The price we start is the price we end, providing flexibility in customer changes."  Clients always know the detailed and total costs at all times.

7.  Encouragement & Freedom for Client Changes

Jimmy Nash Homes, as the top custom builder in Central Kentucky, believes in providing a custom home to the builders’ clients.  While building their home, customers want the flexibility to make custom changes without a penalty.  Other builders, not having a process, experience difficulty making changes easily and efficiently.  Jimmy Nash Homes allows a change to take place at any time and gives the customer the opportunity to change electronically and seamlessly.

8.  Online Selections

Some say that there are 42,000 decisions in building a home.  For most customers, the selections process is overwhelming and anxiety-filled.  At Jimmy Nash Homes, each choice is explained and documented.  Suppliers and subcontractors are also connected to each selection to know exactly what the customer expects in their home.  As a result, there is a better understanding of what is included and customers have a more enjoyable experience in building their custom Jimmy Nash Home.

9.  Interior Designer Provided

Jimmy Nash Homes provides an Interior Designer on every project to meet one-on-one with the customer on a consistent basis to assist with selections and style choices.  The interior design ensures decisions are made "just-in-time” and the choices complement each other.  Interior design meetings occur at the Jimmy Nash Homes selection center and at various showrooms across Central Kentucky.  As detailed in the "Journey Book,” the interior design meetings start with exteriors and end with paint and carpet.  Each selection that is made is document and shared with suppliers and subcontractors to ensure what is being chosen is what is being placed in the new home.  Jimmy Nash Homes enjoys having a qualified third party involved as they design their dream home.   

10.  Guaranteed Start & Finish Dates

A delay in construction can lead to both financial and convenience problems for a customer.  Jimmy Nash Homes provides an online schedule that shows every activity of the home and the start and finish dates.  This live schedule updates with the progress of the home. This schedule is shared with all suppliers and subcontractors so that all parties are aware of the critical path to home completion and the milestones involved from start to finish. Jimmy Nash Homes offers a five-week walkthrough of every home where everything is complete except paint and carpet. Following that meeting, painting begins and continues for three weeks.  Jimmy Nash Homes prides itself on providing milestones on every project.  Customers report that they appreciate not having multiple trades on-site while the painter is working.  In addition, the home did not feel rushed the last month of construction.  In effect, clients feel that they have the best finishes possible in their new Jimmy Nash Home. 

11.  Warranty & Follow-Up

There is an old saying that if a warranty item is not put in writing, it usually does not get completed in a satisfactory or timely manner.  At Jimmy Nash Homes, the solution to this dilemma is to document every warranty item before and after move-in.  The list is published online so that it can be viewed by the home owner and shared with the various resources involved with the completion of the warranty item.  Jimmy Nash Homes’ customers appreciate being able to monitor, make comments, and verify their warranty items.   This ensures that the item is completed correctly and in a timely manner.

12.  Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency should be one of the most important factors when building a new home.  The more efficient the home is, the more comfortable it is, and the less cost per month it takes to operate the home.  Typically, greater efficiency also means longer sustainability of the features and benefits of the products in the home.  At Jimmy Nash Homes, 100% of homes are put through an energy audit that starts in the design, carries throughout framing, and includes use of materials such as Andersen Windows, cellulose insulation, and quality HVAC systems and ductwork.  A blower door test is completed before the closing of each home.  A third party inspects and audits the energy performance and completes a HERS Rating.  Jimmy Nash Homes is one of the few builders that subjects 100 percent of its homes through a HERS (Home Energy Rating Standard) rating and is proud to report that all homes rate five star or better, which is the most efficient rating possible.  Jimmy Nash Homes has received several awards during the Midwest Energy Conference for the most energy efficient homes.

13.  Model Home

A lot can be learned about a builder by looking at the homes they construct.  Unfortunately, most builders do not have anything to showcase what they do and how well they do it.  At Jimmy Nash Homes, fully furnished model homes are built to showcase products and features.  Also, the model includes a design center to for potential clients to gather ideas, about colors, styles, and other selections.  This allows the customer to gain a better understanding for what to expect when prices are given for his/her own home.  This takes the guesswork out of talking about prices and what you get for that price. 

At Jimmy Nash Homes, the customer experience should be the ultimate objective in building a new home. Any builder could complete any number of the items in this list, but none choose to.  Why don’t other builders offer these things?  Jimmy Nash Homes believes that these are items are the right things to do for the customer.